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The Unlimited Arrogance of Power

February 25, 2009

“I’ve come here tonight … to speak frankly and directly to the men and women who sent us here.”

That was the beginning of President Obama’s first report to Congress, and it spoke volumes. With those words, President Obama began a process of dividing the nation. Those voters who sent him there expect much in the way of handouts and governmental support, and they were richly rewarded.  President Obama spent the rest of the speech explaining what perks his voters could expect and hinting at the sacrifices that producers of wealth could expect to bear.

Obama claimed to dislike big government. He then announced new government programs for job creation, unemployment compensation, home loan repayment, new mortgages, car loans, bank bailouts, a larger military, increased funding for research, possible bank nationalization, new financial market regulation, energy research, new road building, federally funded energy efficiency programs, cap and trade carbon regulation, new funding and regulation of the auto industry, government run health care, new education programs and reform, new college payment programs, increased veterans spending, escalation of the war in Afghanistan, and a cure for cancer. All this,  but not one dime of new taxes for 95% of Americans.  And yet, he said seriously, this was “Not because I believe in bigger government – I don’t.”   I guess I have no idea of what Mr. Obama considers big government to be, but from where I sit, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have just become the world’s biggest helicopter parents. No area of our lives will lack  the touch of the heavy hand of government.

The phrase “every debate we have in the coming months” was included in the President’s speech. So far, none of the draconian changes to our way of life have been “debated.”  The bills are written and passed with little allowance for public scrutiny or input. President Obama revealed the unlimited arrogance of his power when he replied to a question Congressional Republicans had about the stimulus package by saying simply, “I won”.

For some, this new socialism is a welcomed lifelong dream. To them, I offer the words of Samuel Adams.   “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

I felt disillusioned after the passage of the stimulus bill. I can say, with great honesty, that after hearing this speech, this… manifesto… that for the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of America. The Obama experience has brought me a modern perspective on the feelings of our Founding Fathers as they struggled against an oppressive government that had levied crushing taxes upon them with little or no representation. Those of us in the red community should expect the multitude of new policy “Czars” from Washington to bear a strong resemblance to the heavy handed governors appointed over the thirteen colonies by the British monarchy. I hope the strength of our convictions is sufficient for us to confront them with the same steadfastness that great patriots confronted governmental tyranny in the past.


Celebrate the day.

January 20, 2009

America has reason to cheer. We have, for the 44th time, seen a peaceful transition of power. The election of a bi-racial President is a very public reminder that the American dream is available to everyone who chooses to strive for it. Conservatives, long ago steeled against small-minded nasty partisan commentary issued from Democrat leaders, have taken a “water off a duck’s back” approach to the pettiness we will see during this inauguration. While some say we have no right to join the celebration, they are easily ignored. If Obama’s ideology still bothers you, set it aside for today and see instead that we are still the great nation created and sustained by the work of brave Americans. Celebrate that.

Tomorrow, you can remind yourself that McCain was, at best, a tepid and mediocre Republican, who drew little loyalty from conservatives. Many simply thought that Obama sounded reasonable, and they believed his late campaign middle of the road spiel. I was proud that many conservatives chose to ignore race and voted for Obama based on his promises. We must now repudiate criticism that those who voted McCain were simply uneducated bigots. The bigotry resides in the hearts of those who make that charge. We must forgive and step beyond (but not forget) the labels of “typical white person” and “gun toting bible clingers” forged by the liberal left. While overlooked by the media, it is clear that, at least to the center and right, race is no longer an issue. Much of America has stepped beyond the albatross of race. We should hope the liberal left would, in the future, be able to join us by repudiating voting and political decision-making based on race.

Obama is our president. That is clearly accepted by all. No repetition of the deplorable tactics associated with politics the last eight years has occurred. “Not my president” and “not in my name” are calls uttered by few and followed by none. Even slapped by the double standard applied to this inauguration, conservatives watch, and realize that we are still Americans, and we shall live and die by the choices President Barack Obama makes. All doors are open to him. He will now enter into a contest of ideas. Perhaps the left will choose to fight the fight based on those ideas rather than by painting the loyal opposition as racist when they disagree. The latter choice is my greatest fear. Our new Congress can lead us in the spirit of the bi-partisan tone promised by this new administration, or simply fan the flames of race and division in a selfish bid to usurp power. Will they take the high road? We shall soon see.

For today though: Celebrate!

A Nation United? Hardly.

November 6, 2008

How amusing this election has become. The left has a new mantra now “The election is over. We must come together and support the new president.” Coming from the group that spawned the term Bush Derangement Syndrome, that is laughable. Did you Democrats afford George Bush the same courtesy? No. You began a smear campaign the very day he was elected… a campaign that did not end until the election of Barack Obama.

I vow to treat Barack Obama with whatever respect that he might “earn” once he takes office, and I vow to hold his feet to the fire when he earns my disdain. He dug himself a big hole during the election process. President-elect Obama deeply divided America and his inauguration hovers under a cloud of national anxiety. Conservative Americans were branded as “racist” for having a different opinion. Now liberals expect us to forget all of the smears and lies of the last 6 months and march in happy lockstep behind President Obama? I rather doubt that will happen. I pray that President-elect Obama learns the wisdom of governance. Liberals have spent eight years schooling Republicans on how to smear and destroy a president. I hope that he won’t challenge half of the nation to play their same vindictive ideological games, and I pray that Republicans will see use this chance to be a good example of a loyal, but fierce, opposition party.

After Bush’s election the headlines read, “ Bush wins with 51%. Nation deeply divided”

How things have changed.

After Obama’s election the headlines read, “Obama wins with 52%. Nation united!”


There are 56,500,000 voters who did not select Barack Obama. They are not racists, they are not uneducated, and they are not mindless red-state gun toting bible clingers. They are Americans. They are truck drivers, police officers, teachers, managers, doctors, firefighters, union employees, small business owners… they are America’s backbone. President-elect Obama ignores them at his (and the nation’s) own peril. Obama has the skills to unite the nation but choosing to steer the ship hard left will create a house divided. Cast off those labels and instead view those 56 million as simply Americans.

Obama carries a vast sea of election promises around his neck like an anchor. His first act of asking a far-left-wing shark (Rahm Emanuel) to be his chief of staff bodes ill for his promise of a bi-partisan future. His campaign trail speeches will have to be reconciled with his policies. He has repeatedly promised tax cuts for 95% of families amid a difficult economy and a credit crisis caused by an America living beyond its means. His supporters will now expect affordable and expanded health care and a speedy withdrawal from Iraq. Promised troop increases in Afghanistan, an emboldened Russia seeking to make a new name for itself, a nuclear Iran, a resurgent Hamas… all looming shadows on a presidency whose short suit is foreign policy. The far left wing (his Pelosi-Reid-MoveOn supporters) will demand: union check off cards, first-amendment-chilling fairness doctrine for radio, financial punishment (wind-fall profit taxes) for petroleum companies, pharmaceuticals and the wealthy, unrestricted abortion, an economy-chilling cap and trade policy and $9.50 minimum wage… and that is for starters.

President-elect Obama has painted himself into a dangerous corner. He will be challenged by foreign powers. His nation is sharply divided. His supporters on the street expect change. His party has gained iron-fisted control of national government, but that comes with total responsibility for the results of their policies. When the euphoria fades and the chill winter winds blow away the abandoned Obama signs, the reality of governance will loom manacingly. No Bush to blame. No Republicans to point fingers at. Just an inexperienced community organizer from Illinois and the weight of the world on his shoulders. Let’s hope and pray he rises to the challenge… but keep a broom and dustpan handy, I suspect there will be some sweeping up of pieces to attend to in the congressional race of 2010.

McCain McCan’t be Mr. McNiceguy any more

October 7, 2008


It is time for John McCain to play hardball. “First debate” bipartisan, nice-guy John McCain will lose the election if he shows up tonight. Angry John McCain had better show up, and he had better have a new agenda to levy against Barack. The Ayers and Rev. Wright attacks are not an effective weapon. It’s been overdone and has not gained traction. Obama has been discredited on foreign affairs and military issues…he admitted his lack of knowledge by his choice for Vice-President… no need to keep hammering that nail either. To survive, John McCain will need to dodge the inevitable planted pro-Obama “independent” audience member. Whatever they throw at him, he needs to hit the ball right back at the pitcher, the way his running mate did with her heckler. To win, John McCain needs to believe that “It’s the economy, stupid.”. Senator McCain must bring a laundry list to explain how Obamanomics will fail. Stop blaming Wall Street and reaching across the aisle. Start pointing at the Democrats who caused this and the Obama who has no idea how to fix it! Lay out the specifics of how a McCain/Palin administration can fix those areas where Barack is short on answers. We have already heard that you are a maverick, Mr. McCain. What voters need to hear is how Senator Obama will fail, and exactly why John McCain will not.

Barack Obama was silent on the looming Freddie/Fannie scandal. He received over $100,000 for his support of the executives behind this mess, and his silence on the matter was deafening. Obama’s support aided and abetted the issuance of worthless loans, and that has, so far, cost every taxpayer about $2500.

Barack Obama has been essentially absent during the bailout debate. He proposes tax increases on capital gains, small business, dividends, payroll taxes, and petroleum. President Hoover did the same thing (to a lesser extent) after the crash of 1929. Hoover spiraled the nation into a depression with his malpractice of economic policy, and Obama seems to adopted a similar approach, though he expects a different result. Obama’s lack of an effective economic recovery plan show a lack of leadership and foresight.

The Obama plan is full of massive spending, and claims of tax reductions for everyone…and a balanced budget too. Spend more, much more, no new debt, and lower taxes…all on the same dollar. Someone ask Barack how his dollar is going to accomplish that? Is this a magic dollar that can defy mathematics? 

The Obama Plan is not a plan for a nation teetering at the brink of an economic crisis. The numbers don’t add up. Obama wrote his economic plan during a robust economy. It has no provisions for dealing with an economic turn down. Obama pointed out in the last debate that he has no plans to change his economic road map…he could cite nothing that he would drop from his trillion dollar plans to pay for the bailout. No one can deliver what Obama has promised.

That’s just off the top of my head, Senator McCain. I’d like to think your staff could work up an even better menu of meat and potatoes for the debate. If you show up with soup and bread-sticks tonight, then I hold out little hope for you in November.



The New Face of Feminism

September 10, 2008

Ok, bear with me a moment. Over the last 90 years, the empowerment of women in America has changed many times. Women were the last major group in the United States to receive the right to vote (not until 1920… men had been voting a full 55 years by this time). During WW2, in a Molly Pitcher moment, women took the places of thier husbands on the assembly lines and under the welders masks.  In the 50’s, a movement was afoot to send Rosie the Riveter back to the kitchen, but by the 60s, that kettle had simmered to the boiling point. A powerful and organized liberal progressive movement began then, which blossomed into the ERA (though unratified, it quantified clearly what women should expect from America). Women’s rights became a kitchen table issue in the US.

At some point, liberals began to shape and aquire women’s rights as thier issue. They defined what a woman should think her rights were. Women should be out in the work place. Women should be Democrats. Women should champion abortion. If a woman did not seek out these positions, she was not accepted by the movement. Democrats were happy to welcome the voting power of women. Stay at home mothers were looked down upon. Public school was expanded to include kids at younger ages, child care was championed. Women were told to think for themselves… long as they followed the prescribed guidelines.

It seems that women learned a thing or two along the way, though. Over the last 20 years, a new breed of feminist has evolved. These are the women who decided to think for themselves….and set their own agenda. They did not need to be told what issues a woman should support. Some were pro-life. Some believed that raising their children was noble and that a woman did not have to be defined by a career. Some were socially conservative. They still believed in equal rights for women…..but they decided to think for themselves.

These “truly equal” women are now being derided by the very political party that has painted itself as the champion for women. Democrats (and even some feminists) have been noticing this emergence of free thinking women, and they have done their best to destroy them and discredit them with the label antifeminist. Conservative feminism is becoming what liberal feminism used to be. Conservative names like Margaret Thatcher, Elisabeth Dole, and Condaleeza Rice and now, Sarah Palin, are diminished in the interests of preserving a liberal strangle hold on women’s votes.

If Feminism is about equal rights for women, then why do it’s supporters turn thier backs on women who have chosen a different path to success? There are many successful female journalists and politicians whose crime is being conservative and whose punishment has been public attacks on thier fitness to lead, and on thier fitness as mothers. That criticism is not levied on the liberal thinker…..only on the conservative one. Those women have found themselves up against the new glass ceiling. I hope that they can make their own “18 million cracks”

More open minded sexism

September 4, 2008

These attacks on Sarah Palin not being a good mom are ridiculous

If we are going down the road of familial responsibility, then let us ask: Since Barack Obama had an absent father, how can he justify taking the position of President, when he knows that it will severely curtail his presence in the lives of his young children? Perhaps HE should be home with the kiddies.

The misogynistic attacks by the Obamabots just infuriate me.

Are we “Global Warming” our way into a famine?

May 7, 2008

I have watched the “climate alarmists” spread the fear of global warming. At first, I was amused by the doom-sayers. As time wore on, though, I began to see people buying into the theory. I wondered how people could be so easily fooled, but I shrugged it off as unimportant. After all, there are always people promoting one odd theory or another….usually on the Speakers Corner with a hat full of coins at their feet. Somehow though, this odd, and totally baseless, theory suddenly gained traction. Our Vice-President was shouting it from the mountain top, and the media gobbled it up without so much as as a phone call to confirm it. The anti-big oil people jumped on….what a great way to drive a stake through the heart of big-oil. Animal rights people took up the banner as well…..I mean, did you see how sad those poor polar bears looked. Teachers added thier voices as well…..though I do not understand why. …perhaps it was the influence of anti-capitalist college professors who saw global warming as a tool to bludgeon our economic system.” We over consume!”, they chanted. “Go green”, “Reduce your carbon footprint”, “Save the Planet”. All manner of intellectuals joined in. What a cool thing it was to be “Green”

Then the policies came like a tidal wave, all created by well-meaning (but unfortunately not well-informed) politicians. CAFE standards, Ethanol mandates, Energy use taxes, Carbon taxes, Bans on drilling for oil, bans on coal power plants, Low flush toilets, even a ban on the evil incandescant lightbulb….dastardly minion of warming that it is. All well meaning ideas intoned by populist politicians who said that even the slightest possiblity that there is warming should be enough to act. After all, what possible harm could come of it?

What possible harm indeed.

We now stand at the precipice.

  • Farmers have converted massive amounts of food production into corn for ethanol. The loss of the corn crop and the coversion of land that traditionally grew other products have put the squeeze on food costs.  Our food exports have fallen off as foreign grain, rice, and corn consumers have been unable to pay the new higher prices. Poorer nations are already seeing food shortages.
  • Our economy has suffered from the loss of manufacturing and automoble production that resulted from myopic regulatory and taxation policies meant to stop the warming. Jobs have gone overseas to greener pastures leaving America ecomically weakened at a time when economic pressures are high.
  • World economies are growing (unfettered by the chains that our politicians have applied at home) and their use of petroleum is soaring as thier people see some wealth and independance for the first time. America sits on massive deposits of oil, yet we are the only nation that has not not increased production.

      Prominent scientists are now being heard on the issue of warming. Research is beginning to show that though there may have been a temporary warm period of a few years, the earth could, in fact, be  at the start of a cooler period. The oceans are cooling, sea ice in the southern hemisphere is increasing, cool weather patterns in the northern hemisphere are prevailing. Even the sun (likely the source of any true warming or cooling) is cooling. It seems that it has entered a cyclical cool phase know as a “Maunder minimum”. A new Ice Age? Maybe the next Al Gore will sieze on that, but it is more likely that we just be seeing a period of shorter summers and colder winters. No climate cataclysm, but….

Could this be the start of a global famine? That may be a very real possiblity. Populations are growing. Energy prices are increasing while the energy supply remains stagnant. Food production is already anemic. What will happen when we heap  cooler weather and less productive climatic conditions on top of it? Add to that the problem that that western governments are heading in exactly the opposite direction…still preparing for warming that, by most reasonable accounts, stopped 10 yers ago.

A shortage in the food supply will lead to political instability overseas (and already has). Unstable governments are less able to deal with food production and disribution. All of these factors….converging on us at the same moment….may create a sort of perfect storm of famine. I suspect you will see civil wars and nations invading thier neighbors as a result of this pressure. Most of the great upheavals on earth have come as a result of a shortage of food. Hungry people are desperate people.

The puzzle pieces are falling into place and a picture is forming. I hope that the nature of the picture becomes clear in time for us to change it to something less haunting.