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A Nation United? Hardly.

November 6, 2008

How amusing this election has become. The left has a new mantra now “The election is over. We must come together and support the new president.” Coming from the group that spawned the term Bush Derangement Syndrome, that is laughable. Did you Democrats afford George Bush the same courtesy? No. You began a smear campaign the very day he was elected… a campaign that did not end until the election of Barack Obama.

I vow to treat Barack Obama with whatever respect that he might “earn” once he takes office, and I vow to hold his feet to the fire when he earns my disdain. He dug himself a big hole during the election process. President-elect Obama deeply divided America and his inauguration hovers under a cloud of national anxiety. Conservative Americans were branded as “racist” for having a different opinion. Now liberals expect us to forget all of the smears and lies of the last 6 months and march in happy lockstep behind President Obama? I rather doubt that will happen. I pray that President-elect Obama learns the wisdom of governance. Liberals have spent eight years schooling Republicans on how to smear and destroy a president. I hope that he won’t challenge half of the nation to play their same vindictive ideological games, and I pray that Republicans will see use this chance to be a good example of a loyal, but fierce, opposition party.

After Bush’s election the headlines read, “ Bush wins with 51%. Nation deeply divided”

How things have changed.

After Obama’s election the headlines read, “Obama wins with 52%. Nation united!”


There are 56,500,000 voters who did not select Barack Obama. They are not racists, they are not uneducated, and they are not mindless red-state gun toting bible clingers. They are Americans. They are truck drivers, police officers, teachers, managers, doctors, firefighters, union employees, small business owners… they are America’s backbone. President-elect Obama ignores them at his (and the nation’s) own peril. Obama has the skills to unite the nation but choosing to steer the ship hard left will create a house divided. Cast off those labels and instead view those 56 million as simply Americans.

Obama carries a vast sea of election promises around his neck like an anchor. His first act of asking a far-left-wing shark (Rahm Emanuel) to be his chief of staff bodes ill for his promise of a bi-partisan future. His campaign trail speeches will have to be reconciled with his policies. He has repeatedly promised tax cuts for 95% of families amid a difficult economy and a credit crisis caused by an America living beyond its means. His supporters will now expect affordable and expanded health care and a speedy withdrawal from Iraq. Promised troop increases in Afghanistan, an emboldened Russia seeking to make a new name for itself, a nuclear Iran, a resurgent Hamas… all looming shadows on a presidency whose short suit is foreign policy. The far left wing (his Pelosi-Reid-MoveOn supporters) will demand: union check off cards, first-amendment-chilling fairness doctrine for radio, financial punishment (wind-fall profit taxes) for petroleum companies, pharmaceuticals and the wealthy, unrestricted abortion, an economy-chilling cap and trade policy and $9.50 minimum wage… and that is for starters.

President-elect Obama has painted himself into a dangerous corner. He will be challenged by foreign powers. His nation is sharply divided. His supporters on the street expect change. His party has gained iron-fisted control of national government, but that comes with total responsibility for the results of their policies. When the euphoria fades and the chill winter winds blow away the abandoned Obama signs, the reality of governance will loom manacingly. No Bush to blame. No Republicans to point fingers at. Just an inexperienced community organizer from Illinois and the weight of the world on his shoulders. Let’s hope and pray he rises to the challenge… but keep a broom and dustpan handy, I suspect there will be some sweeping up of pieces to attend to in the congressional race of 2010.

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  1. November 6, 2008 7:45 pm

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  2. November 11, 2008 5:32 pm

    Did you Democrats afford George Bush the same courtesy?

    Yes, actually we did. And after 9/11 we did so rather enthusiastically. What we got in return was a kick in the teeth as the Bush administration we were busily supporting turned around and called us traitors.

    After Bush’s election the headlines read

    The media is nobody’s friend in this. I remember Chris Matthews gushing about how “convincingly” Bush won reelection in 2004 when in fact he scraped by with the smallest margin for a wartime president in history. We had to listen to him gloat about his “political capital” which he intended to “spend.” It was an artificial mandate. Now when Obama genuinely has won “convincingly” we’re being told that he’d darned well better govern from the middle–or else.

    And don’t forget: Bush earned the ire of the far left through his policies. Obama hasn’t even taken his oath yet. Give the man a chance before you draw a parallel between dislike for him and dislike for Bush. If you’re all going to hate him at least let’s let it be for something he’s actually done on the job.

  3. November 13, 2008 1:33 am

    “Did you Democrats afford George Bush the same courtesy?” asks The Family Guy.

    “Yes, actually we did,” says scott.

    When Democrats accused George W. Bush of “stealing” the election from Al Gore, said he didn’t have a “mandate” or “gravitas” to govern, threw around the word “jingoism” as if they used that word all the time and weren’t repeating what they’d heard somewhere else, accused him of being “appointed” to the presidency and named him King George, started demanding that we do away with the Electoral College…. Called him stupid, a monkey, George II, and a million other names….

    Is that what you mean when you say you enthusiastically supported President George W. Bush?


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